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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Malaya Corner 2

A couple of weeks ago I had had a pretty bad and exhausting day, and RJ had the smashing idea of going to Malaya Corner for dinner. Out of interest I timed how long it took to drive to Sunnybank from our place - 25 minutes, which I think is not too bad. It's definitely not too far to go for such an extensive menu, delicious meals and reasonable prices! (And there was a special bonus, which I'll mention later.)

The restaurant was pleasantly crowded and noisy. We didn't have to wait for a table and there were plenty of other diners whose dinners we could look at! The menu is so extensive that we both found it difficult to select our meals. This lead us to making a new resolution: we will visit Malaya Corner once a fortnight and eat our way through the menu! Yum! (In fact, we are going back there tonight. We'll have to wait and see we actually keep this up though...)

I was in the mood for something really delicious. Just reading the menu made me forget my dud of a day! Exactly one year ago RJ and I were visiting Singapore to attend my friends' wedding (happy anniversary T & Y!). One of the best meals we had there (excluding the wedding banquet, of course) was chilli crab at No Signboard Seafood (Stadium branch, for those of you who know Singapore).

Anyway, before I get all Singapore-memory-lane on you, I'd better get back to Malaya Corner and the story at hand. I chose the Singapore chilli prawns and when I took my first mouthful I was absolutely delighted! The sauce tasted very similar to how I remembered the "real" thing - spicy and a bit coriander-y. It was so good I ended up finishing off the sauce with a spoon once all my rice and prawns were gone. (At No Signboard the chilli crab comes with little squares of white bread (crusts removed!) to soak up the sauce.)

Singapore chilli prawns

RJ also liked the sound of chilli prawns, so - not wanting to order the same thing as me - chose the sambal chilli prawns. I tried these too - for research purposes - and found them to be super tasty as well! The sambal was spicy enough without being overpowering.

Sambal chilli prawns

For our entree (which came out after we'd started eating our mains - but who cares?) we had kari (curry) puffs. The pastry was so light and crispy and the filling so flavoursome that we had already started eating the last of the four puffs before we remembered to take a photo!

Kari puff

By the time we finished our meals we were feeling full and happy. Altogether the kari puffs, two prawn dishes and two giant lemon Cokes came to less than $40 - what a happy ending! (And we'd remembered to bring cash this time. So there was no awkward wait for me under the watchful gaze of the cash register auntie while Ray traipsed around Sunnybank looking for an ATM.)

Special Sunnybank bonus!
When we emerged from the restaurant we noticed that the Yuen's Supermarket was still open! On a Sunday night in Brisbane, that is pretty amazing. Anyway we spent an enjoyable half an hour wandering around in there stocking up on all out favourites like Pokky, a big carton of Indo Mie, fried tofu puffs (for laksa - yum), 2 litres of fresh soy milk... Everything our little hearts desired that can't be procured at our local suburban Woolies!


  • At 9:01 pm, Anonymous AugustusGloop said…

    Dining resolutions are great! =) And those chilli prawns look yummo. Call me silly but I couldn't help being bemused as I pictured you shrieking, mouthful half-chewed when you realised you had forgotten to take a photo of the curry puff!

    It's a panicky sight I'm often involved in! Ahh.. food blogging. Gotta love it! =)

  • At 7:57 pm, Blogger Kelly said…

    Hi AG, it was pretty funny. The curry puffs looked so great that we just dug in and ate them straight away. This just means we'll have to order them next time so I can take a "proper" photo!

    We didn't make it over there last night, but we're planning to go this Friday. Stay tuned! :)


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