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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Ball and Chain Grill, Hobart and Jailhouse Grill, Launceston

More tales from Tasmania... The same colleague of RJ's who told us to go to Kelleys had also highly recommended the Ball and Chain Grill in Hobart as a fine place to have a piece of steak. After a big day touring the Cadbury Factory and the Cascade Brewery we headed straight down to Salamanca Place. Things were looking good as we found a parking spot right outside the restaurant just as it was opening (6pm, I think it was).

Unfortunately, we found the whole experience just OK. The waitress sat us at a table in a glass-roofed conservatory area, which I thought felt colder than the enclosed room we'd walked through to get there. So I asked her if we could move back to the "indoor" area. She told me "It's the same temperature everywhere" and walked away. She made me feel like for some reason we weren't good enough to sit in the inside section. Maybe it had to do with my outfit consisting largely of Kathmandu and New Balance! But as a born and bred Queenslander on holidays way down south, staying warm was much more important than looking smart! The food was OK - basically your standard big steak and a salad bar (which did feature some enormous and tasty olives).

Later that week we found ourselves in Launceston. The host of the very nice Old Bakery Inn where we stayed recommended a place called the Jailhouse Grill. (There's a bit of a convict theme running through Tassie...) After we'd gotten ourselves in and seated we realised it was almost exactly the same as the Ball and Chain. The service here was a bit better. I ordered scallops and bacon skewers which didn't turn out the be the best idea. The bacon didn't seem to be cooked all the way through!

Bacon and scallop skewers

Neither of these convict-themed restaurants blew my hair back, which was a real shame because I love a great steak! I'm sure the food was much nicer than what the real convicts ate in the old days though!

Ball and Chain Grill
Salamanca Place
Phone 03 6223 2655

Jailhouse Grill
32 Wellington Street (corner York Street)
Phone (03) 6331 0466


  • At 10:43 pm, Blogger Helen (AugustusGloop) said…

    Bummer about the dodgy food and service. Maybe they should serve it on metal trays with plastic spoons to complete the experience? lol

  • At 9:46 am, Blogger Kelly said…

    Hey AG, they could also give out pyjamas with arrows on them to complete the convict look! And serve sauerkraut on the side, "Captain Cook scurvy prevention" style!


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