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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Queensland Multicultural Festival

A few weeks ago RJ and I went along to the Queensland Multicultural Festival. It was one of the first really hot days of the summer, and we arrived at about 12.30, hungry and stinking hot!

The first thing we did was head straight for the food. I had the very best intentions of wandering around checking out all of the fantastic multicultural offerings and snapping heaps of fantastic photos, Grab Your Fork-style. (No-one documents an outdoor food event quite like our friend Augustus Gloop!) However when I saw the absolutely enormous crowds I quickly realised that it would be pretty much impossible to meander around the stalls calmly snapping photos and making a well-considered decision about what to eat for lunch. I had to pick a stall and get into a queue - stat! - if I wanted to get something to eat.

I headed for the satay tent - not that adventurous, I admit! RJ took off saying he'd spotted something-or-other that he had to have. Being packed in with all those other satay lovers was kind of stifling, made even more uncomfortable every time the wind blew a big gust of hot air over everyone!

However! It was worth the wait! The satays were cooked over hot coals, and when they were done they were whacked into a big batch of sauce where they waited until they were fished out and served with rice and a spring roll.

The best chicken satays - ever

By the time I'd secured our satays RJ was halfway through a favourite food of his that he has never thought to tell me about before! It is this delicious Hungarian snap fried bread. It was crisp and delicious! And next time I see it for sale somewhere I'll be jumping in that queue!

Cute pink shirt RJ!

My favourite part of the day's entertainment was the lion dancing

We survived the heat and had a good day. And hopefully my next festival photo-taking attempts will be just a little bit more fruitful! :)


  • At 10:48 am, Anonymous RJ said…

    Oh, that is bringing back some delicious memories! Mmmm..those satay sticks were amazing - sate house, you've done it again! And a big thumbs up for the good pic of the hungarian snap fried bread too! Can't the next multicultural festival come around any quicker? :)

    As always, love your work KJ! xx

  • At 4:05 pm, Anonymous Barbara said…

    The Auckland Chinese Lantern Festival held in our summer is similar to this event and jam packed with people. I discovered the trick of going behind the vendors tents and convincing someone out the back to serve me.

  • At 4:33 pm, Blogger Kelly said…

    Hi RJ, I don't think I can eat chicken satays anywhere else anymore!

    Hi Barbara, that sounds like a novel idea!

  • At 10:35 am, Anonymous augustusgloop said…

    The word fried immediately caught my attention! =)

    And yes, taking photos at festivals is always a battle. That's often why I try and get there early. Also gives you plenty of breathing room to work out which stall to head to when you're ready to eat!

  • At 6:03 pm, Blogger deborah said…

    Your pics look great! Sometimes you just need to get in there and get your crub - otherwise you are left feeling faint and then pretty much eat anything in sight!

    But i must say - springrolls! eeek! why are these always part of the cliche asian dish. the satay sticks on top of hot coals sound fab though!

  • At 10:49 am, Blogger Grug said…

    I stumbled across your blog while searching for fellow Brisbane Lions fans, so I thought I'd pop in and say hi.

    I am a rabid Lions supporter and will be posting plenty of stuff throughout the season.

    Feel free to stop by!

    - Grug (

    P.S. Those Brisbane Lions cupcakes looked damn tasty.

  • At 10:06 pm, Anonymous hungry vic said…

    Nice pics of the satay - I think outdoor events and festivals are 'the' place for satay - its the only time they get cooked over a real fire and have the real satay taste! Chinese New Year celebrations were on in Melbourne on Sunday and I had my fill of satay there...

  • At 12:09 am, Blogger Helen (AugustusGloop) said…

    Hi Kelly. I've tagged you for this Four Things Meme. Now you'll *have* to post something! I've missed my weekly dose of Queensland sunshine! =)

  • At 10:48 pm, Blogger fooDcrazEE said…

    kelly, got thru ur blog via helen's meme. Great so far and i will be back for more.

  • At 8:20 am, Blogger Kelly said…

    Augustus Gloop/Helen - thanks for the tag!

    Saffron - thanks for dropping by...sorry my response is a few months late! :)

    Grug - go Lions! Not much longer to wait now until the season starts!

    Hungry Vic - hi and thanks for visiting. Cool name!

    Foodcrazee - your pic is very cute. Thanks for stopping by!


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